Environmental matters: The importance of avoiding plastic

Environmental matters: The importance of avoiding plastic

You may not have noticed it, but everything that goes into our product and packaging is done with the aim of reducing waste, and most especially plastic.

Plastic is a “wonder material” in many ways: it is very efficient to produce, including low energy, low water consumption in manufacturing, and lightweight. It is strong, relatively inert, and can be made air-tight and waterproof easily.  It’s great for shipping liquids and providing padding for shipping! Unfortunately, it then stays around our environment for a long while.

Unlike many other materials, plastic just doesn’t degrade and breakdown “nicely”. It’s waste we just can’t afford to create, and so in Envy Distilling we’re doing all we can to avoid creating any at all.

In our cardboard packaging, we have used a minimalist design for shipping, relying on the double-layer of cardboard and the intrinsic strength of our high-quality (and beautiful) bottle. Our honeycomb Hex Wrap paper wrapping is our replacement for foam or bubble wrap. Our shipping Ecolabels are also compostable paper, printed on an ink-free thermal printer. Even the sticky tape used to seal the box is not actually plastic but a cellulose polymer designed to breakdown properly. 

These last 3 products are from Heaps Good Packaging, and Envy Distilling has invested in their recent public funding rounds to ensure that they are getting the right support from industry partners just like us!

We still have more to improve, and knowing the areas for improvement is a good thing. We are conscious of every choice, and want to keep doing better. If you have comments or feedback, or further ideas you think we should know about, please let us know!

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