Envy Distilling has relocated to Heathcote!

Envy Distilling has relocated to Heathcote!

We're home!

Heathcote is in the heart of Central Victoria, established around 1850 as part of the historic goldfields and located along McIvor Creek and McIvor ranges. It is a beautiful part of Victoria, with sunnier-than-usual weather and a rugged terrain. It is also very well known "Shiraz country", receiving an Australian Geographic Indicator (GI) for its unique wines in 2002.  Those who appreciate a good bold red wine would very likely be familiar with Heathcote's amazing Shiraz character, and might have even sampled some of the diverse varieties now being grown there.  

Being a rugged climate also translates to its terroir. The tough Cambrian soils are fantastic for concentrating the flavours in the grapevines of the area, a mixture of well-draining clays, silt and rock.  

Envy Distilling has always aimed to have a deep connection with Heathcote wines, and we have now officially relocated the business (and our home) to the area. Our grape-based gins, and eventually brandy, will reflect the local produce and unique character that the region offers. 

While we're still building our cellar door for visitors to come see us, and the maturation facility for our fine aged brandies, we will continue to "pop-up" in regional events, Melbourne Gin Festival, and other opportunities.  We're excited to enter this next phase of our journey, with much more to come.  Stay tuned!


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