Our 2nd gin - Picnic Gin

Our 2nd gin - Picnic Gin

Only 3 months after our business launch, we were excited to release Picnic Gin as our second gin expression in October 2021.  Thank you to all our new and repeat customers who showed their support in exploring this new recipe.  Picnic Gin is a more subtle but complex & floral style of gin, with some of the hero botanicals including elderberry, wormwood, cassia bark, and aniseed myrtle. To us, it is the type of gin to enjoy in the sunshine on a warm day (such as a picnic!), surrounded by sounds and smells of birds and bees going about their business. Perhaps paired with some soft cheese and a selection of anti-pasti spread out on your rug.

Envy Distilling is Nathan and Vanessa (the “N” and “V”), and we actually developed this recipe several years beforehand and it served as our "wedding gin", given out as small sample bottles to our guests as a bonbonerie type gift. It was partly the feedback from this fun experiment with guests that inspired us to launch Envy Distilling, and many of our friends encouraged us to publicly release this gin for others to enjoy.

In connection with our wine-growing community, and like our first product, this gin is also created from a grape-based spirit. Picnic Gin retains a little bit more of the original grape spirit flavour, however, somewhat departing from the usual neutral spirits basis for gin. We think this gives the final gin a more interesting and complex flavour, working well with the botanicals that build on the foundation of a good spirit.

We’re proud of the launch of Picnic Gin, our 2nd gin, and grateful as ever to our supportive and curious customers. We’re always keen to receive your feedback, pictures and cocktail ideas, so keep them coming!

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