Melbourne Gin Festival 2022

Melbourne Gin Festival 2022

The Melbourne Gin Festival 2022, held 18-20th March at MCEC, is now over but we had a blast participating in our first public event. We loved meeting fellow Australian distillers and all the enthusiastic guests who came by our stand to sample, recommend and buy our gin over the three event days. 

We were astounded at the dedication of the attendees to try and find their way to all 55 exhibitors at the event!  And given that each producer has a few different products, that is a lot of gin tasting.  We came to the rescue with a huge jar of chocolate-coated coffee beans, to help reset any burned-out palates as well as plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Towards the end of each session, some people were clearly struggling to go any further...

It was an awesome feeling to gain a few strong fans on the day, with numerous people coming back, telling their friends to see us, and a number of "best gin of the show" comments. We also learned a lot about our own gins from listening to the various ways people experienced it - lots of tasting notes from lots of different palates and levels of experience with spirits. 

We'll be back at next year's event!


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