Cellar Door - opening soon...

Cellar Door - opening soon...
Cellar door progress update! We’re still working away at the inside, but we’re loving being so close to opening. Stay tuned for opening dates soon, but we will at least be open and available to visit during Heathcote On Show this year, 10-12th June 2023 (King's Birthday weekend).
Looking at the outside for now, some environmental features are worth pointing out. You’ll see our 17kW of solar panels, part of our 100% off-grid and emission-free power.They are supported by 24kWh of battery storage, so we capture what we need for later. This will power our production, visitor experience, and well, everything! 
You can also see our huge rainwater tank. It collects rain from the large216m2 roof, and is treated through multi-stage filtration (ceramic and carbon). This will also be for all needs, including diluting the spirits to bottling strength, cooling the equipment (separate closed loop), making cocktail ice, and washing your hands!
Lastly, you can just barely make out the little white pole which is the aeration for our worm farm septic system, all connected up now! Some of our waste goes here, and other nicer waste will be composted separately for dispersing across the vineyard.
On the inside, we've got locally sourced stone, recycled Tasmanian oak, pressed metal, subway tiles - and this is coming together in an exciting way!  Our craftsperson is using recovered materials wherever possible and we hope this is a welcoming space for all who come to visit us, try our products, and have a tour around.
Stay tuned for further information and announcements!

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